19. 9. 2015

We spent a lovely day in Budapest with our friends at the British Shepherd Dog Special Club Show.

Our results:

Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man - Best male, BOB.

Black Cooper Del Dorado - Best Veteran

Black Cooper Genesis - Best female, BOS

Black Cooper Jewel - Very promising, res. Best in Show Puppy

* * *

6. 9. 2015

We spent a great Sunday in Hartkirchen at the Clubshow.

Our lovely Vegas - Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man went Best male and BOS.

Thank you to the judge Mr. Colm Hastings, Irland.

* * *

18. 5. 2015

A really great show weekend in Mlada Boleslav / CZ ...

17.5.2015 Specialty Show:

IntCh. Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man – Ex1, CAC, Specialty Show Winner, BOB, SUPREME BOB

IntCh. Black Cooper First Class – Ex3

IntCh. Black Cooper Hilton – Ex2, res. CAC

16.5.2015 Club Show:

IntCh. Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man – Ex2, res. CAC

IntCh. Black Cooper First Class – Ex3

IntCh. Black Cooper Hilton – Ex4

Special thanks to Michael Lewis and Janet Lewis for the very nice judging.

* * *

10. 7. 2014

Added show results for last month. Our dogs are did well again.

* * *

3. 6. 2014

Our lovely Vegas - Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man fulfilled conditions for Slovak & Internationale championship.

* * *

21. 4. 2014

Awesome day at International show & British Shepherd Dog Club Show in Szilvásvárad.

Black Cooper Damascus taking BOB at International show and Clubwinner bitch afternoon at Clubshow.

Black Cooper First Class, owner Erika Benčíková - Clubwinner male, BOB and BEST IN SHOW

Sooo happy ...

* * *

13. 4. 2014

Summer won BOB in Battleford. Congratulations Meaghen !

* * *

12. 4. 2014

Our beautiful Doris did it again ! BOB and Best in Show at Central European Cup - Specialty show.

* * *

19. 1. 2014

A rainy but lovely weekend in Ljubljana. Our team did well again.

"Wee " Summer delighted us by winning BOB in Calgary. Thank you Meaghen for showing Summer so beautifully.

* * *

4. 1. 2014

New Year, new show results ...

We went to the National show in Brno/ CZ where

Black Cooper Hilton "Lujza" and Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man "Vegas"

did very well.

* * *

12. 12. 2013

We got great news from The Netherlands! Black Cooper Imagination x- rayed and scored A .

* * *

10. 11. 2013

Puppies from our litter "I" celebrating their 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday, Darlings!

We received some very lovely photos of them.

* * *

27. 10. 2013

Super weekend for the Black Cooper beardies at Double International shows in Bratislava.

Our results, day 1st:

Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man – CAC, r. CACIB

Black Cooper Hamilton – CAC

Black Cooper First Class – CAC, CACIB, BOS, finished Slovakian Grandchampion title

Black Cooper Hilton – CAC, CACIB, BOB

Day 2nd:

Black Cooper Hamilton – CAC, finished Slovakian champion title and afternoon successfully passed obedience exam

Black Cooper First Class – CAC, CACIB, BOB

Black Cooper Hilton – CAC, CACIB, finished Slovakian & Internationale champion title

Thanks to the judges Harsányi Péter and Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska and my lovely owners.

* * *

11. 10. 2013

The 2nd show season has started and Team Black Cooper did well.

Black Cooper Bee Gees at the age of 9 years became BOB and Best in Show at Special Clubshow in Slovakia.

2 weeks later her granddaughter Genesis became BOB at 2nd Clubshow in Czech republic.

More show results under "shows".

Thank you to all my lovely team. I am very proud of you all!

Black Cooper Genesis

* * *

29. 7. 2013

What a super weekend for Black Cooper beardies!

Black Cooper First Class "Max" was BOB at all 4 night shows in Split/ Croatia and fulfilled the conditions for Croatian champion title and Internationale champion title.

Half sister of Max, Black Cooper Genesis "Emka" won 2 x CACIB and 1x BOB at International show in Debrecen / Hungary.

Congratulations Erika, Dušan, Max and Emka ! I am so proud of you!!!

* * *

20. 7. 2013

Emerald, mummy of the planned litter, was awarded by Best of Breed title at International show Mladá Boleslav and fulfilled the conditions for Grandchampion title.

* * *

15. 7. 2013

Our young boys Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man "Vegas" and Black Cooper Hamilton "Frankie" are now stud dogs.

They are available as stud dogs for suitable bitches. Contact us for the conditions.

* * *

7. 7. 2013

Great news from Canada ...

Black Cooper Indian Summer won some puppy groups.

Well done, Meaghen and Summer!

* * *

30. 6. 2013

Lovely news from Sweden.

Black Cooper Incantation " Doris " was BOB puppy at Specialty show in Borås.

Congratulations and thank you, Irena!

* * *

Black Cooper First Class enjoyed a very successful weekend in Poland.

Max delighted us by winning Best in Show 3rd place at National show in Nowy Targ :-)

Congrats, Erika and Max!

Added more show news and photos of our dogs.

* * *

12. 5. 2013

Lovely puppies are looking for new homes at Kennel Sunday Mornings

For more information please contact the breeder.

* * *

We have 2 new champions! Black Cooper First Class and Hamilton are Hungarian Champions.

Black Cooper Genesis "Little Ema" finished the Internationale champion title.

More show results under "shows".

* * *

31. 3. 2013

Some lovely show news ...

Black Cooper Emerald gained CACIB and finished Internationale champion title at Internationale show in České Budějovice.

She went also Best of Breed. Congratulations Zuzka & Ema!

A really great day for Black Cooper Genesis at Champion of Champions show.

She was Champion of Champions and ended the day in TOP 8 !

Many thanks to her handler Daniel Hrežík and her owner Dušan Pohl!

* * *

17. 3. 2013

Black Cooper First Class gained another CWC and res. CACIB behind a male who is already Internationale Champion.

Well done Erika & Max :-)

* * *

23. 2. 2013

Our young lady, Black Cooper Hilton gained her 3rd CACIB and went BOB at International show Nitra.

Black Cooper Glitter got res. CAC.

* * *

17. 2. 2013

Erika and Max - Black Cooper First Class were at International shows in Budapest.

Max gained 1 x CAC, res. CACIB and 1 x res. CAC.

Congratulations, Erika!

* * *

3. 2. 2013

The lovely Black Cooper Genesis did it again ....

CWC, CACIB and BOB at International show in Poland.

* * *

26. 1. 2013

A great weekend again ...

Black Cooper Genesis at International Show in Trenčín won her class, CACIB and Best bitch.

* * *

12. 1. 2013

We spent with our beardies a lovely day at Special show in Ljubljana.

Black Cooper Bee Gees - Veteran Clubwinner, Best in Show Veteran 2

Black Cooper Hilton - Clubwinner female

Double Scotch Black Tambourine Man - Youth Clubwinner, Best in Show Junior 3

* * *

5. 1. 2013

What a great start for the New Year 2013! Black Cooper Genesis at National Show in Brno/ CZ, won her class, Best bitch and Best of Breed. At the same show Black Cooper First Class won Best male. Congratulations to the owners!